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 Pearl's Goodbye Message

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PostSubject: Pearl's Goodbye Message   Sun Jul 03, 2011 10:00 pm

The guild's gotten inactive and... yeah you can get basically the same message I was going to say in Minato's thread.

I leave behind... a log of the people I had recruited. I was trying out one of my "revive the guild" ideas and it worked out okay. Keeping a log like this eventually gets tedious.

Quote :
Pearl's Recruit Log

Karpik lvl 23
FFT13 lvl 33
Sweetie030 lvl 22
BossSnake lvl 29


6/24 Friday:

Recruited Karpik
Note: Seems nice. Not too talkative, but it doesn't seem like he'll leave if he gets to know the guild.
It doesn't look like he's PvPed much.
Starting level: 21

Recruited FFT13
Note: He was recruited from the Board. I haven't heard much from him yet. He hasn't PvPed much either.
Starting level: 31

End Note: They both stayed on from when I recruited them to a fairly late time.

6/25 Saturday:

Karpik leveled to 22
FFT13 leveled to 32
Karpik leveled to 23

They've both up quite early. Earlier than the usual time most Elsworders are on.

6/26 Sunday:

Karpik and FFT13 didn't log on today.

6/27 Monday:

FF13 leveled to 33
FF13 was on a for a fair amount of time.

Karpik didn't log on today.

Recruited PheonixArrow
Starting level: 22

Recruited Sweetie030
Starting level: 21

Recruited BossSnake
Starting level: 27

6/28 Tuesday:
**Today there is a guild tournament at 1PM PST
**Guid tournament was postponed

PheonixArrow logged in this morning.
Sweetie030 logged in this morning.
BossSnake logged in this morning.
FFT13 and Karpik haven't logged on this morning.

PheonixArrow leveled to 23

FFT13 logged on for a while.

6/29 Wednesday:

None of the people I'm watching had logged on this morning. Can't blame them, very few were online.

Karpik hasn't logged on for 3 days.

6/30 Thursday:

Sweetie030 leveled to 22

BossSnake logged on today.
Sweetie030 logged on today.

7/1 Friday:

BossSnake logged on this morning.
BossSnake leveled to 28
BossSnake leveled to 29
FFT13 logged in today.
Sweetie030 logged in today.
Karpik hasn't logged on for 5 days.
PhoenixArrow left the guild.

7/2 Saturday:

Sweetie030 logged on today.
FFT13 logged on today.

7/3 Sunday:

BossSnake logged in today.
BossSnake leveled to 30

Yes, Pearl is a stalker Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Pearl's Goodbye Message   Sun Jul 03, 2011 10:06 pm

dam...all that..looks like hard work thrown to waist now..
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PostSubject: Re: Pearl's Goodbye Message   Sun Jul 03, 2011 10:09 pm

R.I.P. The Guardian's guild. Most of the active people are now gone... QQ
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PostSubject: Re: Pearl's Goodbye Message   

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Pearl's Goodbye Message
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