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 If anyone is interested: Comic idea

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If anyone is interested: Comic idea Empty
PostSubject: If anyone is interested: Comic idea   If anyone is interested: Comic idea EmptyTue Jun 28, 2011 3:05 pm

As the title states, you can read if you are interested.

Some time later, I will do a collaborative comic with Chibi-baka3 of Deviantart.

The plot:
After the story that Star wrote about the Guardians, the Dark Kingdom is (as you remember) attacking once more.
This is a "What-If" story when most of the Guardians have been killed in battle. Or missing.
The protagonist is Giro, a Magic Knight who acts more of a coward rather than a hero. But when threatened, the truth about the slain phoenix is revealed (if you don't get it, the phoenix's spirit lives within Giro).
With him is Sara the Sniper Ranger and Tetsu the Sword Knight.
So far, it is confirmed that Red and Pearl are still alive (because those two are cool and nice IMO).

And for anyone who think I'm just being an idiot for making my character too cool-


Giro dies at the end.

P.S. I'm thinking of giving characters "emblems". They are symbols on the character that describes a little bit about themselves. Check my character design to see what I'm talking about.

Please leave your opinions, including compliments, complaints, suggestions and whatnot.
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If anyone is interested: Comic idea
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