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 Moderator Application: Minamotox

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Would Mina make a good mod?
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PostSubject: Moderator Application: Minamotox   Moderator Application: Minamotox EmptyTue Apr 26, 2011 3:23 pm

Your Name: Jack Jean-Gilles

Your Age: 14

Your IGN: Secret, Pen

So I'm just a basic 14 year old computer otaku who has really nothing better to do with his life but sit there and use a computer; so my grammar can be a little strict.
I basically think that I am capable of being a moderator because I can stop an arguments before it advances any further by locking the thread or telling both members to stop. I have had experience as a moderator on 2 forums alongside with my brother, I was also a former guild leader of 3 guilds so I know exactly how to handle rough situations. I am an active member on these forums as well so you wouldn't need to worry about a lot of active flame war. Yes, I will agree that I am a weeabo and that I love the Aisan culture a little to much but I'm sure that won't be an issue. Good luck to everyone else applying to mod, cya soon~
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Moderator Application: Minamotox
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