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 Guardian Tribes

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PostSubject: Guardian Tribes   Guardian Tribes EmptySat Apr 23, 2011 12:24 am

this place is for the tribes. Please choose your tribes wisely because once you have chosen you may not change. There is a total of 5 tribes each having something different from the other. I will give you a brief description on each tribe and what its about. I will then list the members in each tribe. Good luck choosing the tribe that fits you.


Welcome to the Fire Tribe! the fire tribe is for all who have a burning passion for fire and its powers. You also like the element fire and its cool and awesome abilities to burn and kill enemies. You are also aware that fire can be very dangerous and killing and know the negative effects of fire power. If you like fire and have a burning passion for it then this the tribe for you!



Welcome to the Water Tribe. This tribe has 2 elements in one, Its called ice. This element has strong powers that can drown and stop water. Water is also a crucial element for every living thing in the world. Making this element Vital. Stopping water will not only hurt but will cost people lives. If you would like to master the element water and be a water guardian, then this tribe is for you.



Welcome to the Light Tribe. The home of all the holy guardians of the guild. Light is a healing element. Which can be useful to aid and heal enemies. But light can also be a strong attacking element. Light is a Combination of Heal and Attack powers making it a more of a effective class. If you would like to master the art of healing and light powers then this tribe is for you.



Welcome to the Wind Tribe! Home of the flying guardians. The wind tribe is in the air and requires you to learn how to fly and sore in the air. Wind tribe also has gusty and powerful attacks that swoop enemies away in a instant. Flying gives this tribe an advantage against others. Making this a excellent choice for both air and ground battles. If you would like to fly and learn gusty and powerful attacks then this tribe is for you!



Welcome to the Nature Tribe! The nature tribe is filled with earthly and green magic and powers. The Earth class can summon anything from nature and use it to aid or attack a enemy. The Nature Tribe also has a passive healing power that heals life during time. This tribe also has vicious attacks including, Vine Chaos, Animal Roar and Mercy Cry. If you would to have summon abilities and earthly attacks then this tribe is for you!


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Guardian Tribes
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